Fleckvieh x Brahman

Crossings between Fleckvieh and Brahman have the ability to adapt excellently to hot climates like in the southern parts of Africa and Middle- and South America.

Crossbreeding divides into two breeding directions:

Some breeders like the advantages of the F1 generation and specialised on the production of F1 animals.

Simbrah is the name of an own breed that was developed by crossing Simmental and Brahman. Simbrah cattle have 5/8 Simmental and 3/8 Brahman-blood. This "synthetic breed" is excellently adapted to tropic climates.

Crossings between Fleckvieh and Brahman bring about the following advantages:

  • Heat tolerance
  • Natural tick resistance
  • Much milk
  • Excellent maternal traits
  • Pigmentation
  • High daily gains
  • Excellent beef quality
  • Docile animals
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