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A dual purpose animal possessing a great measure of good beef and milk producing characteristics.  Sex characteristics must be clearly visible and animals must have a good frame, length, width, depth, capacity, balance and symmetry.  Bulls more muscular than females.


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Simmental-Fleckvieh beef does farmers proud

Sally Brooker South Canterbury farmers David and Jayne Timperley have long known the eating quality virtues of Simmental beef. Simmental, a breed traditionally recognised for its fast live weight gain,…
Canberra 2020

Canberra Show Fleckvieh stud cattle judging results

Lucy Kinbacher Breed: Fleckvieh  Judge: Rachael Wheeler No. of exhibits: 20 Junior champion bull: Glenanna Nifty, Maddie McColl, Dubbo Reserve junior champion bull: Glenanna Platnium, Maddie McColl, Dubbo Junior champion female:…

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Dual Purpose

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Breeding Aims

There are two different types of Fleckvieh, meaning they can be selected for beef or milk, depending on specific breeding criteria. Each type has its own breeding aims. Fleckvieh are…

Standard of excellence for Fleckvieh cattle

GENERAL APPEARANCE Purity Fullblood being 100% pure or 15/16th pure by reference to pedigree Type and Balance A dual purpose animal possessing a great measure of good beef and milk…
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