Fleckvieh originated in the Austrian Empire and the Kingdom of Bavaria from cross-breeding of local stock with Simmentahler cattle imported from Switzerland from about 1830. The Simmentahler had good milk-producing and draught qualities, and the resulting crosses were bred as triple-purpose animals with milk, meat, and draught capabilities.  Fleckvieh is now a dual-purpose breed spread right across the globe, they may be used for the production of beef or both beef and milk, they can be crossed with dairy breeds or with beef breeds to improve paternal and maternal traits

Mr Don Vaniman , the first CEO of the newly formed US Simmental Association  said that the name was given to the breed by the US and Canadian associations in the late 60”s  as it was difficult for breeders there to pronounce the name  Simmentahler, Fleckvieh or Pie Rouge. The name Simmental was then used to encompass all the various strains of the breed of different countries and it also associated  the new name with the picturesque Simme Valley in Switzerland.

FSA members can exhibit their cattle at any of the major city or country shows across Australia. The FSA is an associate member of the World Simmental-Fleckvieh Federation (WSFF) and the herdbook is  recognised by all countries that are members of the WSFF. The FSA is also recognised by the EU as third body for the keeping of a Herdbook. FSA is an active member of the World Simmental-Fleckvieh Federation. The FSA has also launched Fleckvieh Performance Data (FPD) a performance recording system that covers  all the important traits like growth, carcase, fat scores etc and is provided  for those breeders that submit data. FPD is supplied at no cost to members. Both membership($121) and animal registration Fees ($30) are once of lifetime with no annual inventories.  

Yes any animal that has a pedigree from a member Country/Society  of the World Simmental Fleckvieh Federation (WSFF) is eligible for registration in the FSA Herdbook. As associate members of the WSFF the FSA recognises pedigrees from member countries of the WSFF, provided that animal meets the FSA breed standard.

If the animal has a WSFF member association pedigree it is a one off fee of $5.50 to record that animal on the FSA database. If a hard copy pedigree is required then the normal registration fee of $30.00 applies. This applies for both Bulls and Females.